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> CARDICO, a leader in dried nuts processing
CARDICO, a leader in its field, is the largest dried nuts processing and distribution company in Greece. Furthermore, CARDICO is among the leading companies of this sector, in Europe as well as worldwide. Its history dates back to 1862, when the Cardassilaris family decided to enter the dried nuts business. Based on the island of Chios, they started their exporting activities, to European countries and India. The next step of the family was to expand their activities in Greece, by opening branches in several cities. The Company, in its present legal status, was founded in 1980. The main milestones in its history are as follows: 1968: Foundation of Constantinos Cardassilaris & Son, General Partnership, based in Piraeus, with main initial activity related to nuts trading and, gradually, processing. 1976: Foundation of Constantinos Cardassilaris & Sons, Nuts Industries S.A., based in Athens. 1980: Foundation of Constantinos Cardassilaris & Sons S. A. in its present status, as the result of a merger between the above-mentioned companies. Our own installations are based in the industrial area of Rouf in Athens covering a total area of 6.000 square metres. 1996: The company is quoted in the Parallel Market of the Athens Stock Exchange. Foundation of the subsidiary NUT Company SA, based in Kalamata, Messinia with a participation percentage of 57.5%. 1997: The company buys out 52.5% of the capital stock of Xirofrout S.A., based in Peristeri, Attiki. 1998: The company buys out 75% of the capital stock of Cardico Moldavia S.R.L. It creates a new production plant of 4.000 square metres in an adjacent factory in Rouf, with a processing capacity of 5 tons of nuts per hour. 1999: Foundation of the subsidiary company Cardico Georgia LTD., based in Zugdidi, Georgia.Creation of a new production plant at Cardico S.R.L. Moldavia, for the processing of walnut kernels. An investment financed from the increase of share capital of the company. 2000: The company buys out 51% of the capital stock of Sifakis S.A., based in Crete. Acquisition of the 35% of the capital stock of Ant. Sdoukos Company- Kafe Aroma S.A.,Ioannina. Acquisition of the 51% of the capital stock of Star Foods Distribution Company S.A., based in the Czech Republic. Acquisition of the 51% of the capital stock of Kenkko Commodities S. A., based in London. Acquisition of the 15% of the capital stock of Star Foods Poland S. A., based in Tomaszow, Poland. Acquisition of the 6.83% of the capital stock of Coffee Connection S.A.-Coffee Way, based in Athens. > Acquisition of the 49,97% of the capital stock of Trofino Ltd., based in Pyrgos, Ilias. The investment bank PIRAEUS PRIME BANK- an investment cooperation between Piraeus Bank and the Japanese Mitsubishi Bank of Tokyo- acquired 5% of Cardicos share capital as a strategic joint agreement with a long term perspective for International and Local business activities. Acquisition of a plot of land measuring 72.000 square metres at Schimatari in Viotia, on which a new factory for the processing and packing of dried nuts, will be built. Establishment of the Company Kardalco, based in the town of Giresum, Turkey, for the processing of hazelnut kernels. Cardico holds 50,01% of the share capital of this joint venture. Acquisition of the 51% of the capital stock of Tesco Investments Inc., based in The British Virgin Islands. Tesco Investments Inc. has 100% of the capital stock of Kenkko Commodities Ltd. based in London, U.K., as well as 100% of the capital stock of Carken U.S.A. L.L.C. based in Modesto California, U.S.A.. Kenkko Commodities Ltd also holds 100% of the capital stock of the company Carken S.A. Argentina, based in Rio Quarto, Argentina. Acquisition of 100% of the capital stock of Echalie S.A. based in Paris, France.
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FOODtech 2005 - International Machinery-Equipment for food industry and Food Technology Exhibition will take place from 23th-26th of September 2005, at the Old Airport Exhibition Center(Athens, GREECE).

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